Simple and honest

It’s the way I live and the way I photograph

Honest fact #1: If I’m not out with families or chasing my own kids around, put money on me eating ice cream on the couch watching Netflix. (Maybe I’ll share some Blue Bell Butter Crunch with you.)

Honest fact #2: You can trust that I’ll give genuine—yet always kind—feedback when you ask my opinion about photo session clothes. What to wear is often a stressor for moms, so I’m here to actually help.

Honest fact #3: I pour so much energy into my families because it makes my job easier! When you’re comfortable and at ease during your photo session, those authentic images come naturally.

All this means simple, honest images curated to show the very best of you and your family

“We love the pictures that Michelle took! The candid shots were perfect and her eye is amazing! Our little one looks like such a doll baby!” - Callen

Bring on the big families

It’s the way I live and the way I photograph

No, really. I have four of my own and have fully embraced that my bun will be a little bit messy, my minivan is the coolest I’ll ever be again, and any smile lines are earned from hours of laughing at the silliest jokes I’ve ever heard.

All that to say, capturing the way your family plays and laughs together, how each person in your family has their own distinct personality—it’s my absolute favorite.

Big families, extended families—I love it all.

A little photo session inspiration for you


And other things that fill my Mom Photographer life

We were stationed in England for a year, and it was hard to leave. England was my perfect climate. Being able to wear duck boots and a sweater every day? Yes, please.

I love photographing kids. (I also loved being pregnant and childbirth, so maybe I’m just all in on kids.) There’s just something so genuine about childhood. There’s nothing better than capturing windblown hair across little faces.

My husband, Andy, and I met on a blind date. So what made it turn into a second date? He’s an Iowa boy, and maybe it was my own Midwest roots, but I felt so instantly comfortable and at ease with him.

We moved four times in four years, so you better believe I can get a household unpacked and running in 48 hours. That also means I understand that your printed images need to fit anywhere, because the wall you’re looking at today might not be the same in 12 months.

I’m from the Midwest (and obsessed with it, by the way), and I hope to return someday. I love the lakes, small towns, the vibe. The Midwest—it’s just my people. Plus, we know how to make a good effing casserole.

Your turn! If you could choose the beach or the woods for photos, which would it be?