Destin Family, Newborn, and Maternity Photographer

Destin family, newborn, and maternity photographer

Everything that makes you a family

— the chaos, the joy, the wonder, the love —

We build this life with these people, yet we’re so busy living that we don’t give ourselves a second to pause and take it all in. Sure, we celebrate the big stuff, but it’s the day-to-day that tells the story of a family.

Trust me, I know how hard it is to carve out time in a busy calendar, but I also know how vital it is to preserve these moments because they change so quickly. That’s what I love to document for my families—the beauty of this particular time—so you have a tangible way to remember.

Whether you’re stationed in Destin, vacationing here, or have always called the Emerald Coast home, I want to help you remember what this time in your family felt like.

Lifestyle photography means…

Skipping the frozen poses for something that actually lives and breathes. What a concept.

Beautiful photography that isn’t just about making everyone cheese? Yeah, it really is possible. And it’s even better than you can imagine.

"Every picture is beautiful and precious. There is so much power in each photo, many of them move me to tears. You captured the emotion, love, and personality of each of us so well I'm so grateful to have found you."
- MAry

Preserve your perfect

Your family is uniquely yours and uniquely beautiful. Yes, even when your littles are tearing down the beach or running wild in the woods. Maybe especially then. Because that’s exactly what makes your family

Y O U R S.

And maybe, just maybe, on the hardest parenting days (because this ish can be hard sometimes), these images will help you remember everything you cherish about this life and this family of yours.

Hey, I’m Michelle, and it’s my honor to document this tiny slice of time—that beautiful bump, your snuggly newborn, your vibrant family.

You can count on me to create an experience that is simple, kid-led and a hell of a lot of fun.

(Really? Yes, really.)

Newborn Photographer, A mother reclines on a chair as she admires her new baby child

Let’s make this an experience

that ends with stunning, authentic photos

You’ve got enough to manage, so how about we turn your photo session into an experience not a chore? You hang out with that beautiful family of yours—play on the beach, explore the woods, simply be. I’ll be there to guide you through an experience that captures a curated, naturally gorgeous peek into this life you’ve built.

Family Photographer, a little girl looks on at her family as mom and dad sit with baby brother
Family Photographer, a happy girl smiles excitedly outside


Bold statement, I know. But I work hard to create a photo session where your children feel seen and included, where they have the freedom to show their true personalities. That’s what I mean when I say kid-led. And let me tell you, creating these experiences that give kids the freedom to feel comfortable and included pays dividends.

There’s this moment when I see your child’s smile switch from being “a job” to being real. That moment—that real grin or real face—that right there is my favorite image to capture.

"The best session we ever had. Nothing was super posed and awkward. We just got to be ourselves. I loved EVERY single picture. Now I have to figure out which pictures to put up in my house."
- Alexa

Newborn Photograoher, a mother gives her young son a kiss as she holds newborn baby sister
Family Photographer, a dad kisses his young daughter on the cheek as she sleeps in his arms at the beach
Family Photographer, a mother squeezes her daughter tightly at the beach

Manicured is great for nails

Not so much for photos

Instead of perfect and polished, how about this: movement, emotion and capturing your family as you are? Your images will be your own version of perfect. Because years from now, you’d give anything to see your six-year-old’s crinkly-nosed smile just one more time.

And through your images, you can.

Family, Newborn, and Maternity Photography in the Destin area

Family Photographer, a family of five embraces each other at the beach
Family Photographer, a baby looks up and smiles while crawling on a blanket outdoors