Welcome to your school photo viewing page

Hello archangel families! I was so honored to be selected to capture your incredible kiddos this year for spring pictures. My style is a little different than spring pictures in the past so I wanted to create this landing page to give you some information and a video explaining how to navigate the gallery. 

To view your childs school photos click on the link at the bottom of this page. Once you enter you will need to put in an email address and password. The password for the school is SMCSarchangels. Each home room will also be individually password protected. You will receive your home room password from your home room teacher. You can then order prints, canvas wraps, or digital files directly from the online gallery. 

All orders must be placed by April 30th at midnight!

All print orders placed will be mailed directly to your home, so expect to pay a shipping charge. I do not set that cost, it is determined by the shipper. 

Each gallery will have between 2-5 different images of your child with a variety of facial expressions. I try to really capture their personalities instead of simply asking them to smile. Some kids were more comfortable with me and being in front of a camera; because of this, some kids have larger galleries than others. 

I have prepared a video for you to watch to help you navigate the gallery. If you have any additional questions after reading this and watching the video please feel free to send me an email at elleburnsphotography@gmail.com