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Have you ever wondered how people have wardrobes that seem timeless and match their environment so beautifully? Well odds are those people worked with their photographer either shopping from their own closet or utilizing a client closet. I am constantly looking for new ways to make my client experience easier. Something I am working on now is my client closet. I know that selecting your wardrobe for a session can be overwhelming and stressful and can really impact the overall feel of your gallery. Ultimately I believe wardrobe shouldn't be the end all be all, you will have connection and beauty because your family is connected and beautiful; however, your wardrobe can really help bring the gallery to the next level.


When thinking about your session I want to know what kind of feel you are hoping for, that will help guide location selection as well as wardrobe. I can provide as much or as little for your shoot meaning you can "shop" from anything I have to create your look. I have women's dresses in a variety of sizes as well as little girls options and some boys and menswear. I will bring all of the items to the shoot day and you can change in your car right before our session.


I have a variety of sizes; but honestly most of my stuff is flowy and bohemian feeling to fit many different body shapes. I have pre-baby, pregnancy and postpartum bodies in mind.

Below are some images from a client closet session where I selected and designed the entire look. Their youngest son felt more comfortable in what he was already wearing so he was able to keep that on but the rest of the items are available for you to use!

Interested in hearing more about my client closet? Click here to get in touch and we can talk about it!

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