The Woman Behind the Camera.

Hi!! I am Michelle Burns and I started Elle Burns Photography one day on a whim. My sister asked me .... if you could do anything what would you do? Without hesitation I said, I'd be a photographer. Her response, so why aren't you?

Of course my first reaction to "why aren't you" was a laundry list of reasons. I am home with the kids full time I can't start a business. I don't know what I'm doing, it's not like I went to school for this, no one will hire me, this is a hobby I don't have time to make it into anything more.

Boy am I lucky to have such a strong supportive sister. Without her push I don't think I ever would have started this adventure and I am so freaking glad I did. I have managed to start an LLC, learn as much as I can (so far) about the industry as well as the craft, I have learned how to manage my time so I can work before the kids wake up and during nap time, and finally I am beyond lucky to have a husband who keeps pushing me to follow my dream.

In my bio I give you the low down about who I am and who my family is - military mama with 3 kids and 2 dogs. I am a midwestern girl in my soul but currently living on the beach in the Destin, Florida area. Something you might not realize is I am way more interested in spending time with a few people I love rather than be out and about in a sea of people I like. I am crazy close to my family as well as my in-laws and I would give anything to have them near me.

These are my people and I am proud to be doing something I am passionate about and am so lucky to have these 4 inspiring me and cheering me on every step of the way.

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