Mediocre Parent

I've seen this meme floating around that really makes me laugh. It says "You can't win quarantine Karen". It is so true, you can't win this thing. We are in the middle of an insane circumstance where we are being thrust into a multitude of roles we weren't ready for. That picture at the top of this post is definitely not my kids school space or our toy room. I got it from a stock photo site. That pictures below, you know the ones with crap everywhere, those are my reality. The problem is the Karen's of the world would post that top one on IG with the caption "homeschool life" making everyone around her looking at it feeling inadequate and like a failure.

So I am here to tell you, you can't win this thing. Are you doing mediocre? Perfect! Do you love your kids? Amazing! Did they have something to eat today? You are rocking it! Let's stick together and post reality on social media. I want to see your new normal, your household crazy, your mediocre parenting. Post your real life images with the #mediocreparentingwithelleburns I will share them in my stories as well as my own versions of crazy so we can stick together and defeat the army of perfect Karens!

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