Heartfelt Connection

When you think of a family photographer most of the time you only think of kids. You don't even really envision the parents ... but I am here to tell you, all it takes to make a family are two people in love. You don't need 5 little monkeys jumping on your bed to say you're in a family. Couples photography is just as important as those ever changing kiddos. The love you share with your spouse is so important to capture and remember.

Recently I was introduced to this BEYOND adorable couple. We met up in Seaside, Florida for a lifestyle photo shoot through town and wandered down to the beach. He is a military man and she is a baker (I mean come on does it get any cuter?) We had a blast just walking around spending time together. Their love was full of laughter, sweet eye glances, moments of teasing, and some delicious shaved ice - you can't visit Seaside without stopping at a food truck am I right?

If you're in a relationship and want pictures taken but feel silly because you don't have kids, DON'T! Your love story is worth documenting and I would be honored to do so.

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