Front Porch Project

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

How is everyone surviving this quarantine?

For me I am feeling very lucky that my husband has job security, I was already home with my kids so them missing school isn't a big deal, my only school age child is in kindergarten, and lastly I am living in a warm climate. We have been able to play outside and mostly live our lives like normal. I can empathize with you all going through hell and I wish there was something I could do to help everyone! My dad's company in Michigan is (shockingly) in the auto industry but they are working on making masks and possibly even 3D printed respirators - so amazing! I really believe we are better as a country when we come together as humans despite our political views, despite our religion, despite our race, we are humans and we will survive!

So, as a photographer I realize that our art is super disposable, we are a luxury that even during normal life many people can't afford. During this global pandemic I wanted to do my part to help people see some sort of light. I have seen this movement on instagram where photographers are walking through their neighborhood and taking family pictures either on the front porch or through their window. This got me excited! In Florida we are not on complete lockdown (yet) so I was hoping while it is still possible I could join the movement.

Click the link below to sign up for a slot for your front porch or window family photo. I am offering them Sunday nights from now until our social quarantine ends. I will be doing this for free and I will give you your edited digitals; all I ask is you donate whatever you can to a charity helping with our current pandemic. Whether it be a donation to the CDC, the UN relief foundation for fighting COVID-19, your preferred food bank, PAWS, or even a gift card to a local small business; every little bit helps and hopefully I can inspire you to smile, look our your window with your family and believe we will see the other side of this medical disaster. Click the link below to sign up for your time slot - they are in 15 min intervals on Sunday nights.

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