Dress for success

What should we wear? That is perhaps the top question I am asked from my clients before their shoot. The struggle is real folks especially if you're dressing yourself, your spouse, and multiple children. I think people have a belief that if they dress just right everything will fall into place.

Ya, having killer wardrobe can add a visual element to your shoot that otherwise wouldn't be there; however, your clothes do not create the connection and emotion that only you and your family can bring. My job is to create a feeling no matter what you're wearing. I might ask you to remove a hat or scarf if they are distracting but overall the saying "come as you are" is so true.

This is all easier said than done which is why to ease my clients minds I will create a custom wardrobe guide to fit their family's desired mood. After talking to the client and taking into consideration time of year, type of family, location of the shoot I put together my guide that they can then use to dress their family.

Here are two examples:

In both instances they took my wardrobe guide and shopped their own closet to create a look that was cohesive and felt like them.

Lastly my wardrobe advice ... have fun but be comfortable! Don't wear some crazy dress you would never wear in real life, don't put your kids in things they can't move, run, or play in, and most importantly BE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF!

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