Before and after. The difference between pictures right out of camera and edits * 30A Photographer

I have had so many people ask me if I am worried about the quality of iPhone cameras. People wondering if I think I will lose clients because why would they pay me when they can just use their phone camera. My answer to that is always the same ... NOPE!

Personally I love using my camera phone. There is a time place for that type of photography; but would I use it for my family pictures? Hell no! I want the pictures of my family to feel like artwork and the way you achieve that is by having an artist capture them. I am always so excited to share my before and afters because I think if gives people - potential families - a look at why they should choose me. Why they should trust me to create pieces of art with them as the subjects.

Below are two different examples of my workflow. The first image is my straight out of camera, the second is my initial edit in Lightroom and the third image is the final edit from Photoshop.

I hope you can see the artistry in my work, I hope that when you come to 30A you decide to reach out so I can create some art work for your family.

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