1. What kind of photographer are you?

I am a lifestyle photographer … but what does that really mean? I find beauty in candid shots of families actually playing and interacting. However, this can be difficult to do naturally in a standard session time. To help I gently pose my families in beautiful and natural feeling ways and capture them just being together. These will feel more candid but help you all feel comfortable throughout the process.

2. Where will my session be held?

For all of my shoots (with the exception of newborn) I recommend one of these choices for your setting: beach, urban, woods or landscaped field. I am more than willing to work with you if you have a location in mind just let me know what you're thinking! I love to have the natural feel of the environment on display throughout your finished gallery. It's important to me that you have the choice to pick a location genre that best represents your family. Not beach people? Then let's go play in the woods! Not big into nature? No problem, let's hang out downtown! I want you to be comfortable and enjoy every moment of our session time. 

3. How long will my session be?

I like to be quick because I know how short the attention span of a small child can be! I prefer to keep my sessions under an hour. Don't worry, I always capture enough shots to fill your gallery! For a newborn session I budget for a little more time. Typically two to three hours. I know that you may want breaks to nurse or rest; however, I want to manage our session time well, so I typically continue shooting even throughout your newest little ones time off. I absolutely adore feeding photos whether that be nursing or with a bottle, but will respect your privacy if you'd rather not have that moment captured.

4. What will my session be like?

Fun! I am super laid back and I want your gallery to feel that way too! Remember your kids are perfect just the way the are, I have three of my own so I know a lot of times they don't want to pose and smile. The good news is, I want to capture their true selves, no fake smiles here! Don't worry if your child is running and high energy; a lot of my shots focus on them playing and exploring. 

I know how important those posed smiling at the camera shots can be, so at every shoot I make sure to grab some of those but for the majority of your session I focus on "candid posing". What that means is I will guide you into a beautiful pose and capture your family and the pure love within. I try to focus on those little details so easily forgotten as well as the emotions you feel when looking at your beautiful babies.  

5. Where will my newborn session be held?

Newborn sessions will be held in your home. No need to clean, most of the times your shoot will take place all in one location. When I arrive I'll walk around and find the best light. If your home has amazing light in various spots we might move around but all I need is one really great window! I prefer to do these shoots within the first two weeks of bringing that beautiful baby home. 

6. What should I wear?

Don’t stress! Your wardrobe should be comfortable and reflect who you are. I am a member of Style & Select, a unique platform that helps to build a wardrobe that is perfect for your shoot! 

7. How far out are you booked?

I release my dates in batches 4 times a year but will work with your schedule if I have the availability. I recommend booking 2 months in advance but have also been able to make some last minute bookings happen. Get in touch and we can discuss!  

8. Will I get the digital photos from my session?

I am an all inclusive photographer. What that means is you will get access to your entire gallery for digital download. I guarantee 50 fully edited images. I can also give advice and direction on which would make the best art prints for your home. I aim to tell the complete story of our session and don’t want you to have to pick and choose. 

9. How can I order prints from you?

When its time for you to receive your gallery you will get an email from me to access your photos through ShootProof. This link will allow you to digitally download your images as well as select which ones you'd like printed. You can place an order right there and your images will be beautifully printed and sent to your home.  

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