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What should we wear? That is perhaps the top question I am asked from my clients before their shoot. The struggle is real folks especially if you're dressing yourself, your spouse, and multiple children. I think people have a belief that if they dress just right everything will fall into place.

Ya, having killer wardrobe can add a visual element to your shoot that otherwise wouldn't be there; however, your clothes do not create the connection and emotion that only you and your family can bring. My job is to create a feeling no matter what you're wearing. I might ask you to remove a hat or scarf if they are distracting but overall the saying "come as you are" is so true.

This is all easier said than done which is why to ease my clients minds I will create a custom wardrobe guide to fit their family's desired mood. After talking to the client and taking into consideration time of year, type of family, location of the shoot I put together my guide that they can then use to dress their family.

Here are two examples:

In both instances they took my wardrobe guide and shopped their own closet to create a look that was cohesive and felt like them.

Lastly my wardrobe advice ... have fun but be comfortable! Don't wear some crazy dress you would never wear in real life, don't put your kids in things they can't move, run, or play in, and most importantly BE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF!

Updated: Mar 31

How is everyone surviving this quarantine?

For me I am feeling very lucky that my husband has job security, I was already home with my kids so them missing school isn't a big deal, my only school age child is in kindergarten, and lastly I am living in a warm climate. We have been able to play outside and mostly live our lives like normal. I can empathize with you all going through hell and I wish there was something I could do to help everyone! My dad's company in Michigan is (shockingly) in the auto industry but they are working on making masks and possibly even 3D printed respirators - so amazing! I really believe we are better as a country when we come together as humans despite our political views, despite our religion, despite our race, we are humans and we will survive!

So, as a photographer I realize that our art is super disposable, we are a luxury that even during normal life many people can't afford. During this global pandemic I wanted to do my part to help people see some sort of light. I have seen this movement on instagram where photographers are walking through their neighborhood and taking family pictures either on the front porch or through their window. This got me excited! In Florida we are not on complete lockdown (yet) so I was hoping while it is still possible I could join the movement.

Click the link below to sign up for a slot for your front porch or window family photo. I am offering them Sunday nights from now until our social quarantine ends. I will be doing this for free and I will give you your edited digitals; all I ask is you donate whatever you can to a charity helping with our current pandemic. Whether it be a donation to the CDC, the UN relief foundation for fighting COVID-19, your preferred food bank, PAWS, or even a gift card to a local small business; every little bit helps and hopefully I can inspire you to smile, look our your window with your family and believe we will see the other side of this medical disaster. Click the link below to sign up for your time slot - they are in 15 min intervals on Sunday nights.

I want to start this blog out with a question ... do you enjoy looking at pictures of your parents, grandparents, hell maybe even your great grandparents? Let me guess the pictures are a little tattered and frayed but have been carefully preserved - possibly in an album - and passed down to each generation in the hopes of keeping those memories alive. I want you to think about how you feel when you are holding those pictures looking into the faces of your past.

Now, I want you to look forward 50 years. I don't know how old that makes you but I will be 83. I want you to imagine your grand children or even your great grandchildren coming up to you asking what you looked like when you were young, what their parents looked like as kids and imagine having to say to them " well I had thousands of pictures on my phone but that technology is long gone so sorry". Do you want to know what will NEVER go away? Real physical prints! Those prints are something that you can cherish in your home on your walls as the art work of your life. Then you have something physical to pass down to give your kids and they can show their kids, etc. I know this seems far off and you're reading this thinking I am crazy but do you remember when the Kindle was released and everyone was like, "say goodbye to paper books". That was in 2007 and it is 2020, I just finished reading a hard cover book from the library and enjoyed every second of it.

Check out this gorgeous family from a recent session, now click through their images. Are they beautiful pictures of a loving family, absolutely! But think about how these would look grouped together on a wall, imagine standing in front of them looking into that sweet boys eyes. We are a goldfish culture so when we are online we click through pictures, hit like almost instinctively and move on to the next. However; if they are right in front of you on a wall you can't help but linger and feel their love.

Digital images are very important, I absolutely see the merit in them which is why I am all inclusive and you receive your entire digital gallery with the purchase of your session. I know how awesome it is to put some up on social media and share them with my family and friends across the globe. I just like to take it a step further; a service I offer but don't advertise much is "In Person Sales". What that means is after your session is complete and my editing process is done we will meet up and go through the images together. I will help you select which ones will make beautiful large scale prints, which ones together create a cohesive series for a wall gallery, or even put them together into a session album. Do you live in the greater Destin area? Are you thinking of hiring me for your next family photo shoot? Well let me know if you're interested in assistance choosing which of your gorgeous images you should print because again I say, physical prints will never go out of style! Click below to get in touch and we can figure out a good timeline for your next family session! Hook Me Up!